13 things that parents do to make successful kids

Several months ago an article was written in the magazine Business Insider. I thought that parents in my practice would find it interesting; not only in the common sense recommendations and findings, but that these have been validated in reasonably good studies (which are referenced in the article).  Enjoy!

Read the full Business Insider article.

  1. Make them do chores
  2. Teach them social skills
  3. Have high expectations
  4. The parents have healthy relationships with each other (regardless of marital status)
  5. They’ve attained high education levels
  6. They teach their kids math early in life
  7. They develop an early relationship with their kids
  8. The parents are less stressed
  9. They value effort over avoiding failure
  10. The mothers work
  11. They have higher socioeconomic status
  12. They are “Authoritative” rather than “Permissive” or “Authoritarian”
  13. They teach “Grit”

So once again we see what a tremendous influence the parents have on the success and development of a child into a healthy adult.  How are you doing as a parent when you look at the above items?  How do you stack up?  None of us are perfect as parents, but as a father of 6 wonderful, successful and happy children, I can honestly say that the above 13 points (plus a few others I can think of) are an excellent way to pattern our parenting efforts.

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